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    COMPOUND 119-204

     Description: The compound 119-204 is a mixture of oligoorganoethoxy chlorosilanes. The product undergoes solution with toluene, benzene, pyronaphtha, and solidifies at temperature below -50ºC.
Physical and chemical characteristics
  Appearance mobile fluid; no specification for color
  Content of mechanical impurities, % by weight, max. 5
  Content of chlorine, % by weight 4,0 - 8,0
  Viscosity on viscometer type VZ-246 with orifice diameter 4 mm, s 30
  Gelation, mins 30
  Flash point , c.c. , C 24


  • By contacting with water, the product undergoes hydrolytic polycondensation followed with formation of water-repellent solid polyorganosiloxanes with cross-linked structure in the well bottom zone.
  • The formed polyorganosiloxanes show a high water-shutoff capacity.
  • The product is used for selective water shutoff in oil wells at temperature over the range 0-200ºC.
Shelf life - 12 Months
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