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Clear color less liquid readily dissoluble in ethyl alcohol, benzene, chloroform; no dissolution in water.
Physical and chemical characteristics
  Molecular weight 126,59
  Density, 25, g/cm3 1,1
  Purity, %, min. 99,3
  Fraction of total mass of admixtures ,% max. 0,7
        including: toluene, % max. 0,1
        including: benzalchloride, % max. 0,4
        including: benzaldehyde, % max. 0,2
  Boiling point, 179,00
  Melting point, minus 39
  Self-ignition point, 583
  Flash point, 60
  Refractive index 1,5391
  • production of buthylbenzyl phtalate softening agent, pharmaceuticals, dielectrics, dyestuffs, as well as benzil alcohol and benzil cyanide used in synthesis of fragrance compounds.
Shelf life - 12 months after the date of manufacture.
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