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     Description: clear fluid with faint odor of ether. Is a mixture of tetraethoxysilane and polyethoxysiloxanes.
Physical and chemical properties
  Optical density at: 400 nm wavelength max. 2,5
  Optical density at: 670 nm wavelength max. 0,4
  Content of hydrogen chloride , % by weight, max. 0,1
  Content of ethyl alcohol, % by weight, max. 1,5
  Content of tetraethoxysilane% by weight, min. 50
  Content of silicon dioxide , % by weight 31 - 34
  Density,, +20, g/cm3 0,955 - 0,990
  Flash point, c.c., C, min. 38
  Self-ignition temperature, 240
easily soluble in toluene, benzene; completely miscible with ethyl alcohol; faintly hydrolysible with water.


  • a component in parting paints and binder for mold cores exposed to high temperature in foundry and metal manufacture;
  • for shrink-proof finish of woolen cloth, shrinkage abatement of carpeting articles to impart dust and decay resistance, impregnation of filter cloth in textile industry;
  • for manufacture of hydrophobic materials of construction, treatment of painted surfaces, impregnation of concrete to reduce the porosity , manufacture of silicosilicate and acid-proof cement in building industry;
  • for application of antireflection coatings, application of the light-diffusing layer to electric light bulbs, a binding agent for ceramic mixtures with high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and dielectric properties, which are resistant to strongly corrosive mediums to manufacture high refractory materials withstanding temperature about 1750ºC and a load of above 127 kg/cm2 in the glass industry and production of ceramic materials;
  • an additive to obtain quick-drying , thermostable, and water-resistant films with durable gloss in the paint and varnish industry.
Shelf life - 12 Months
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