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The State Enterprise "Kremnypolymer"
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    Your reliable partner in Ukraine!

    The State Enterprise "Kremnypolymer"
are the only producer of organosilicone products (silicones) in Ukraine , and the largest one in the CIS.

    More than 200 names compose actually the Kremnypolymerís list of silicones whose perfect product specifications and consumer properties rest upon the technical equipment of the production and extensive professional knowledge of the team of Kremnypolymer.

The State Enterprise Kremnypolymer

    There is probably no branch of industry where the silicones would not be used.

    Unique properties of silicones - such as:

  • high heat resistance,
  • heat stability,
  • water-repellency,
  • insignificant temperature dependence of viscosity,
  • resistance to thermal-oxidative breakdown,
  • fungus resistance, and others.

    Account for their wide range of application.

    More than 3000 consumers purchase the products by "Kremnypolymer".
Among them users in the: USA, India, Hungary, Korea, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland , China, Japan, and other countries. The State Enterprise Kremnypolymer

    Such a long list of consumers testifies for the high quality of the products by Kremnypolymer and for their conformity to international norms.

    The development staff of Kremnypolymer permanently creates new products and finds new scope for their application .

    Traditionally, the organosilicone compounds are used in:

  • chemical industry,
  • civil engineering,
  • gas-and-oil producing industry,
  • motor car construction,
  • electronics and electrical engineering,
  • production of artificial rubbers and other synthetic materials,
  • metal-working industry,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • medicine, and cosmetic industry.
The State Enterprise Kremnypolymer

    Solving new technical problems for example in fiber optics, membrane technology , or solar power is also impossible without polysiloxanes.

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