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    We offer binders antiadhesive for precision casting:


     Description: clear to opalescent fluid, blend of polyorthosiliñates of different condensation grades.
Physical and chemical characteristics
  Density, g/cm3 0,895-0,920
  Optical density at 400 nm max. 1,0
  Optical density at 670 nm max. 0,3
  Kinematic viscosity, cSt 2,2 - 3,6
  Weight silicon dioxide, % 17-21
  Weight hydrogen chloride, % max. 0,07
  Gelation time, mins, max. 30
  Storage temperature, ºÑ -60 to +30
KP-1 is a low-toxic material.


  • binding agent for ceramic dies for investment casting,
  • imparts to furniture lacquers the haze effect,
  • modifying agent in production of organic polymers,
  • component of electric insulating heat-resistant paints and enamels.
Shelf life - 3 months


     Description: clear to opalescent fluid, a solution of polyethoxysiloxanes in ethyl alcohol.
Physical and chemical characteristics
  Weight of silicon dioxide, % 8 - 22
  Weight of hydrogen chloride, %, max. 0,07
  Optical density at 400 nm, max. 1,0
  Optical density at 670 nm, max. 0,3
  Density, 20°C, g/cm3 0,890 - 0,915


  • for precision casting in metallurgy at customers which don’t omit the stage of hydrolysis. Ethasil used for such applications is not added the solvent.
  • Some customers which handle with small volumes of casting and have no limit as to dryout time, use Ethasil without additional hydrolysis.
     Nota bene:
No ingress of moisture in the binding agent, its suspension nor on the surface of painted molds permitted.

Shelf life - 12 months


     Description: Binding agent Hydrosol is aqueous solution of polysilisic acid in alkalescent medium, prepared on base of silicone material.
Physical and chemical characteristics
  Weight of silicon dioxide, %, min. 20
  Density, 20°Ñ, g/cm3, min. 1,11
  Kynematic viscosity, mm2/s 2,5 - 5,5
  Reaction of medium, pH 7,0 - 9,0
     Storage conditions:
Keep at temperatures within the range of 5 to 30 °Ñ in sealed package away from heat emitters. Protect from moisture and direct sun beams.

     Safety information:
Binding agent Hydrosol is fire- and explosion- proof, nontoxic.

In the production of precision moldings in METALLURGY to improve the quality of shells and shell mold castings.
  • Aqueous suspension does not interact with molding materials. It produces no effect of “siliceous bloom” on the hot surface of the shell mold. Surface finish of shell mold castings improves by 1 to 2 classes. No luminous spot on the surface of shell mold castings at the fluorimetric test.
  • Formation of layers of the shell comes stressless so that no defect is possible such as microcracks on shells and shell mold castings, detachment of shell from mold typical for concave surfaces. All this helps to improve molding precision.
  • Heat resistance of shells increases significantly. No pitting nor burnt-on is possible at casting of high-chromium and other reactive steels and alloys even at temperature of cast molding as high as 1760-1800°C.
  • The possibility occurs to substitute electrocorundum powders for less critical molding materials such as silicates and alumosilicates
     Nota bene:
Using Hydrosol helps to ameliorate environmental conditions on account of exclusion of ethyl alcohol, ethyl silicate, ammoniac from the process.

Shelf life - 6 months

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